A Gospel Tract for Jew and Gentile

“…the Gospel…to the JEW first, and also to the GREEK.” —Romans 1:16

  • Emphasis on repentance
  • Both OT and NT references
  • Attractive full color layout
  • Comparable low price
Price Comparisons
1,000 6-Pg. No Ad Tracts for $95
1,000 8-Pg. No Ad Tracts for $122
1,000 6-Pg. Small Ad Tracts for $155
1,000 8-Pg. Small Ad Tracts for $195
1,000 6-Pg. Large Ad Tracts for $180
1,000 8-Pg. Large Ad Tracts for $225
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Over one-million, six-hundred thousand copies printed and shipped to churches in 43 states and 8 foreign countries.


Dr. Bob Jones IIIDr. Bob Jones IIIChancellor of Bob Jones University

This gospel tract is commendable because of its clear and compact call to repentance and to Christ, Who alone redeems the sinful soul. God has promised blessing to His Word, which alone has power to open sin-blinded eyes, to quicken the conscience, and to draw men to the uplifted Savior. This tract is a good addition to the earnest soulwinner's arsenal.

Dr. Ron ComfortDr. Ron ComfortEvangelist; Founder & Chancellor of Ambassador Baptist College

Although several good tracts are available for soul winning today, Jim Bray’s tract includes a vital issue that most others omit. His tract includes a clear presentation of salvation, which includes the important matter of repentance. Faith and repentance go hand in hand. I also appreciate this tract in that it includes Scriptures from both the Old and New Testament. Thus, the soul winner can use this tract as an effective witnessing tool for both Jew and Gentile.

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