“Although several good tracts are available for soul winning today, Jim Bray’s tract includes a vital issue that most others omit.  His tract includes a clear presentation of salvation, which includes the important matter of repentance.  Faith and repentance go hand in hand.  I also appreciate this tract in that it includes Scriptures from both the Old and New Testament.  Thus, the soul winner can use this tract as an effective witnessing tool for both Jew and Gentile."

Dr. Ron Comfort
Evangelist; Founder & Chancellor, Ambassador Baptist College & Graduate School (Lattimore, NC)

    "In this day with so much confusion about what it means to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation, it is refreshing to read Brother Bray's excellent tract, "How to Be 100% Sure of Heaven".  He gives special emphasis to the need for repentance as a part of salvation.  Biblical faith for salvation requires Biblical repentance.  Brother Bray has certainly put the emphasis where it belongs, so that we can not only hear an individual say he believes, but we can also see evidence of that belief in fruit that results.  This excellent 4-color tract has enhanced appearance and makes it inviting for one to read and thus come to know the truth.  I congratulate Brother Bray on this attractive new tract and believe it will be widely used as a help for soul winners to see lost people come to Christ."

Dr. Ed Nelson
Evangelist; Bible Conference Speaker; Former Pastor and Missionary

    "This gospel tract is commendable because of its clear and compact call to repentance and to Christ, Who alone redeems the sinful soul. God has promised blessing to His Word, which alone has power to open sin-blinded eyes, to quicken the conscience, and to draw men to the uplifted Savior. This tract is a good addition to the earnest soulwinner's arsenal."

Dr. Bob Jones III
Chancellor, Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC)

    "A gospel tract is one of the most useful tools to aid in spreading the Gospel.  It is sometimes used as a guide in dealing with people about the subject of salvation.  At other times, it is given to one as he is passing by, and he reads it out of curiosity.  Whatever the case, every Christian should use them in giving out the Gospel.
    Jim Bray has produced a thorough Gospel tract that uses a number of Bible verses to clearly explain salvation.  With an attractive design and clear message, I believe it can be a great help in your soul winning efforts.  In his own life and testimony, Brother Bray has manifested a burden for souls.  There is no doubt that this tract is a product of the burden of his heart.  May the Lord use it to bring many to Christ."

Rev. Alton Beal
Evangelist; President, Ambassador Baptist College & Graduate School

    "I am glad to recommend Jim Bray's tract "How to Be 100% Sure of Heaven." This colorful tract is filled with Scripture, addresses clearly the need to believe in Jesus Christ alone and repent of sin, and speaks directly to the heart of the reader. I believe that the Lord will use this gospel tract in many lives."

Dr. Bruce McAllister
Director of Ministerial Training, Bob Jones University (Greenville, SC)

    “I am happy to recommend the gospel tract, “How to Be 100% Sure of  Heaven”, written by Brother Jim Bray.  There are two main qualities about this tract that make it so valuable.  First, is the fact that it is packed with Scripture.  It is the incorruptible Word of God by which men are born again, not by man’s ideas.  Second, this tract is written by a man who is an active soul winner.  The format of this tract is not a theory; it has been used countless times by Brother Bray and others to lead individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Fill your tract racks, pockets, and purses with these tracts; they work!  I thank God that He has used Brother Bray to provide another resource for fulfilling the Great Commission."        
Rev. Frank Camp
Pastor, Maranatha Baptist Church (Jim Bray's church, in Shelby, NC); Greek & Bible Professor at Ambassador Baptist College

    “This is an excellent tract.  It is written in clear, direct, and readable language.  The format is very attractive.  Above all, it is sound in doctrine.  I recommend 100%  "How to Be 100% Sure of Heaven."

Dr. Robert Dalton
Bible Professor at Ambassador Baptist College & Graduate School; Author; Former Pastor

    “We are very pleased to endorse Brother Jim Bray's tract, "How To Be 100% Sure of Heaven." It ranks way near the top of our list of exceptional and thorough evangelistic tools. We have waited many years to see a tract that gives the crucial doctrine of repentance its proper place. This tract satisfactorily addresses a deficiency that has long existed in much of the material promoted in our circles. Thank you, Brother, for investing in this beautiful and Scriptural literature."

Dr. David M. Atkinson
Pastor at Dyer Baptist Church in Dyer, Indiana

    “Rev. Jim Bray has written an excellent gospel tract on how to experience a ‘Know-so-Salvation.’ It is simple, strong and eminently SCRIPTURAL. May the Lord bless both English and Spanish versions to the salvation of many precious souls. I recommend this tract heartily."

    “El Rev. Jim Bray ha escrito un excelente tratado explicando en una forma sencilla, fuerte y sobre todo BIBLICA como realizar una salvación personal, eterna, y SEGURA. Recomendamos este folleto con entusiasmo."

Dr. Dick Mercado
International Representative for Mexican Gospel Mission (Phoenix, AZ); Evangelist; Former Pastor